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When it comes to pallets, Top Pallets is your one-stop shop. We sell, remove, recycle, and even mulch all types of pallets. If you’re looking to buy pallets in Perth or surrounding areas, we sell timber and plastic pallets of standard Australian, US, or European sizes or other non-standard sizes. Whether you’re looking to gain or lose pallets, give us a call.


Here are our sizes of pallets for sale in Perth:


  • Australian standard size: 1165x1165mm

  • US standard size: 1200x1000mm

  • European pallets: 1200x800mm

  • Export pallets: 1100x1100mm

  • Freight-sized pallets: Ranging from 700-1300mm

  • Plastic pallets: multiple sizes, coming in nesting and block variations

Buy Pallets in Perth


Do you have old pallets lying around or getting eaten by termites? Don’t take your chances trying to remove those rusty nails, but rather give us a call. Our team has experience with pallet removal, and we have all the correct equipment. We offer free or paid removal of timber pallets in Perth, depending on the type of pallet.


  • Free removal: If the pallets that need removal are standard Australian sizes (1165x1165mm), then our team will come to your location and remove them free of charge. Clear up that mess in your garage, backyard or warehouse, and know that the pallets are going towards a good purpose, and not ending up in a landfill site.

  • Paid removal: For all other sizes and mixed-sized pallets, don’t throw them away, but rather let us recycle your pallets. We remove them for you at a moment’s notice, at competitive prices. We’ll organise a time that suits you best, from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Take a picture: You can fill out our pallet removal form by sharing the number of pallets you need removed, and your location, along with a photo of the pallets, so we can let you know if you’re eligible for a free pallet removal.



It’s pertinent that we all recycle our belongings and live in a sustainable manner. Each year, Top Pallets recycles thousands of tons of treated and untreated wooden pallets in Perth and elsewhere in Australia. If this timber is not recycled, it ends up taking up space in landfills.


  • Where do they go? We have great connections and partners that recreate some of our unused pallets into furniture or art. Some other pallets are reused as compost, mulch, or fuel stock. Plastic pallets in Perth and elsewhere are recycled or reused. We believe that diligence in taking care of our environment will preserve it for future generations.

  • Where are we based? We serve nationally across Australia! We are based in metro cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, but don’t hesitate to contact us for your pallet removal or recycling needs if you’re based in regional suburbs, and we can provide you with a transport quote.

  • How can I recycle my pallets? If you’d like to join us in creating a sustainable future, you can fill out our form to let us know your pallet needs and upload a picture as well as a description of what you’d like us to help you with. We’ll come to your home or workplace to collect and recycle your timber or plastic pallets.



Life is short, and our team has dedicated our hours to creating a more sustainable environment and leaving it better than we found it. Our family business has a generational mission that prioritises integrity and relationships over profit and gain. Contact us with all your pallet needs to invest in a greener future.

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