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Quality Second Hand Pallets

We aim to deliver your pallets anywhere in the metropolitan city area and beyond. Our pallets are purposed to hold stock on the racks or transfer your precious goods from pick up to destination. We will work hard with you to ensure all your pallet needs are met and your distribution chain remains strong. We offer a range of pallets, including Australian standard wood pallets, export, plastic, US/American, and Euro pallets. Need something bigger? We have oversized pallets designed to accommodate larger items or specialised loads.

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  • Free Pallet Removal Service

    If you have a minimum number of Australian Standard size pallets 1165x1165mm, we will remove them for you free of charge!

  • Pallet Removal Service Fee

    If you have Non-Australian Standard size pallets, don't send the pallets to landfill, let us recycle them for you at a moments notice at competitive prices!

  • Pallets by Location

    Our trucks serve the metro city areas but if you are regional, don't hesitate to contact us for a transport quote!

  • Sydney

    Warehouse 1A/345-367

    Bringelly Rd, Leppington NSW 2179

    *By appointment only

  • Melbourne

    9 Sullivan St

    Moorabin VIC 3189

    *By appointment only

  • Brisbane

    U3 903 Beaudesert Rd

    Archfield QLD 4108

    *By appointment only

  • Perth

    16 Thorpe Cl

    Welshpool WA 6106

    *By appointment only

  • Adelaide

    318/326 St Vincent St

    Port Adelaide SA 5015

    *By appointment only


Why Choose Top Pallets?

At Top Pallets, we're deeply committed to sustainability in every pallet we make. We prioritize durability and functionality for both local and international use.

We see our clients as partners in our mission to create a better, greener future. Choosing Top Pallets means choosing quality, integrity, and a more sustainable world.

Our Service Guarantees

Quality Pallets

We strive to ensure you get the pallets that meet your dispatch and warehouse requirements.

Customer Care

Kindness and support to get all your pallet needs sorted with no fuss.

Quick Delivery

Our fantastic partner couriers excel at picking up and delivering pallets in no time at all.

Environmentally Conscious

We aim to recycle thousands of tonnes of pallets each year which would otherwise go to landfill.


What varieties of pallets are offered by Top Pallets for sale?

We sell a wide range of second-hand pallets, including wooden, plastic, and custom-designed options. Our second-hand pallets are ideal for various industries and applications, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Are your pallets environmentally friendly?

Yes. Our focus on second-hand pallets underscores our commitment to sustainability. We ensure that all our wooden pallets are sourced responsibly and provide eco-friendly options to reduce environmental impact.

How quickly can I receive my pallet order?

Delivery times can vary depending on order size and location. Generally, we aim to deliver within a few business days. For urgent or specific requirements, please contact us directly.

Can you handle large-scale orders?

Certainly. Our team is adept at handling substantial orders. Leveraging our extensive stock of pre-owned pallets, we can efficiently fulfil large quantities, addressing the needs of businesses across various sizes.

How do I know which pallet type is right for my business?

Our team is here to assist you. We can help determine the most suitable second-hand pallet type for your needs, considering factors like load capacity, industry standards, and budget constraints. Contact us for a personalized consultation.

What are Australian Standard Pallet Sizes and why do they matter?

Australian Standard Pallet Sizes are specific measurements for pallets used in shipping and storage within Australia. These sizes help ensure that pallets fit well in trucks, warehouses, and other storage spaces, making transport and stacking easier and safer. Knowing these sizes can help you choose the right pallet for your needs.

  • Elvin has been very helpful and accommodating to last minute changes and requests. Pallet collections have always been prompt and on time. Always reliable!

    AJ Jrea | Brisbane

  • Being a company that values recyclability, finding reuse or recycling options for pallets in Victoria is very difficult and TP has fit the need for us perfectly. Looking forward to continuing the relationship into the future.

    Sam Weeks | Melbourne

  • I had been trying to find a reliable service, your company was the only one that would eventually help me. Elvin provided very prompt responses to my all questions in relation to how the collection would work for both parties.

    Glenda Prewett | Melbourne

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