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Our team of pallet labourers carefully evaluates the most suitable pallet sizes, selects the optimal material, and determines the preferred treatment for your needs. Explore the diverse pallet options available at our Brisbane warehouse: U3 903 Beaudesert Rd Archfield QLD 4108.

Undoubtedly, wooden pallets in Brisbane were once a crucial element of the logistics industry. It dates back to when businesses started transporting goods from one place to another using ships. Wood or timber was the ideal option then, but plastic pallets have become more popular, and for a good reason. When you’re thinking about buying pallets for sale near Brisbane, these are some of the reasons you should give plastic serious thought. 

  • The durability of plastic pallets far outweighs that of their wooden counterparts. When people are handling pallets quickly during loading and unloading, it’s more likely that wood can break than plastic pallets. Also, the nature of plastic means that it can withstand all types of weather conditions yet still serve its purpose, something we can’t say about wooden pallets.
  • Storing plastic pallets is a breeze and doesn’t offer up the conundrum that wooden pallets do. Instead of stacking them on top of each other to almost two and a half metres in height, plastic pallets can collapse, which eliminates the storage problem. 
  • Plastic pallets are cleaner and more hygienic. Unfortunately, timber is susceptible to foreign elements such as termites. Imagine explaining to a customer why termites seem to have infested their cargo. It’s not always the case, but it’s the worst possible scenario. You can easily clean plastic pallets by simply spraying them down with a water hose, and you’re ready to load the goods. This process is impossible with wood as it could lead to rotting and fungus growth.
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