Wooden Pallets in Adelaide

Our team of pallet labourers carefully evaluates the most suitable pallet sizes, selects the optimal material, and determines the preferred treatment for your needs. Explore the diverse pallet options available at our Adelaide warehouse: Unit 318/326 St Vincent St Port Adelaide SA 5015.

The pallet we highly recommend and is a best-seller is the Australian standard size (1165x1165mm) pallet.

  • Compatibility: One of the main advantages of using Australian standard size pallets is that they are compatible with most material handling equipment. This includes forklifts, pallet jacks, and other machinery commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers. 
  • Efficient storage: Standard size pallets are designed to fit seamlessly into most standard pallet racking systems. This makes it easier to store and organize your products, and helps to optimise your storage space.​ 
  • Sustainable: Many standard size pallets are made from recycled materials, helping reduce waste and promote sustainability. Additionally, the standard size of these pallets makes them easy to reuse and recycle, further reducing their environmental impact.​

You get all these benefits when you choose our Australian standard size pallets in Adelaide. Whether you need to move your goods locally or interstate, our standard size pallets 1165x1165mm make it an efficient and cost-effective way to do so.

  • Family Owned & Operated

    For over 6 years, we have supplied and sold pallets to businesses across Australia.

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    Crafted with the finest materials.

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    Quality pallets at affordable rates.

  • Servicing all of Adelaide

    Committed to serving our community.

  • Pallet Recycling

    We recycle both treated and untreated pallets that can be reused as mulch, furniture, art, or compost.

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  • Pallet Removal

    Cleaning up premises you just bought or organising your warehouse? We can move them to a more suitable location.

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  • Pallet Treatment

    We ensure that we adhere to all laws and regulations regarding the selling, treatment and recycling of pallets.

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