Wooden Pallets in Sydney

Our team of pallet labourers carefully evaluates the most suitable pallet sizes, selects the optimal material, and determines the preferred treatment for your needs. Explore the diverse pallet options available at our Sydney warehouse: Warehouse 1A/345-367 Bringelly Rd, Leppington NSW 2179.

Whatever type of pallets you’re searching for, we can get them in stock. From the most common Australian standard size 1165x1165mm pallets that are ready for the racks to the Export 1100x1100mm, US 1200x1000mm, European 1200x800mm, oversized and small skid options, everything you need is in one place. These are some benefits you enjoy with pallets for sale in Sydney. 

  • If you compare wooden pallets and other materials, you’ll find that they are far more affordable, making them the cost-effective solution. Bear in mind that shippers regard wooden pallets as the ideal product to move their goods.
  • Even though timber pallets are more affordable, it doesn’t mean they’re not strong. On the contrary, they are incredibly durable and can withstand holding heavier and bulkier loads. These pallets are particularly useful when you need to load larger consignments.
  • Apart from pallets going through pallet recycling in Sydney, wooden pallets can follow the same life cycle. It doesn’t require any chemicals nor has to undergo melting to become a brand new product such as a table, flower bed, or fence. Furthermore, if there’s a need for repairs to the pallets, it’s much easier to work with wooden pallets and restore them to their original state.
  • Family Owned & Operated

    For over 6 years, we have supplied and sold pallets to businesses across Australia.

  • Quality Pallets

    Crafted with the finest materials.

  • Competitive Prices

    Quality pallets at affordable rates.

  • Servicing all of Sydney

    Committed to serving our community.

  • Pallet Recycling

    We recycle both treated and untreated pallets that can be reused as mulch, furniture, art, or compost.

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  • Pallet Removal

    Cleaning up premises you just bought or organising your warehouse? We can move them to a more suitable location.

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  • Pallet Treatment

    We ensure that we adhere to all laws and regulations regarding the selling, treatment and recycling of pallets.

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