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Oversized Pallet

Oversized Pallet

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*Capacity is approximate for evenly distributed weight

Dimensions: 1700 x 1200mm Plywood Oversized Pallets

Weight Capacity: 500kg

Evenly distributed static weight. Weight ratings are approximate due to their second-hand nature.

Product Information

Our Oversized Pallet at Top Pallets is big and strong, perfect for large items. It measures 1700x1200mm, so there's plenty of room. You can get one at our places in Leppington NSW, Moorabbin VIC, Archerfield QLD, Welshpool WA, or Port Adelaide SA. It's a great choice for big jobs.

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Oversized Pallet Top Pallets

Oversized Pallet

Discover the ideal solution for larger cargo with our Oversized Pallet at Top Pallets. Boasting oversized pallet dimensions of 1700x1200mm, it's designed to accommodate bulkier items with ease. Whether you're in Leppington NSW, Moorabbin VIC, Archerfield QLD, Welshpool WA, or Port Adelaide SA, our Oversized Pallet is readily available to meet your unique shipping and storage needs.


What are the specific oversized pallet dimensions of the Top Pallets' Oversized Pallet?

The dimensions of our Oversized Pallet are 1700x1200mm, making it larger than standard pallets to accommodate bulkier items.

Is the Oversized Pallet suitable for all types of cargo?

While our Oversized Pallet is designed for larger and bulkier items, it's versatile and can handle a variety of goods. However, always ensure the weight and size of your cargo are within the pallet's specifications.

Where can I find or purchase the Oversized Pallet from Top Pallets?

You can acquire our Oversized Pallet at any of our locations in Leppington NSW, Moorabbin VIC, Archerfield QLD, Welshpool WA, or Port Adelaide SA.

  • Elvin has been very helpful and accommodating to last minute changes and requests. Pallet collections have always been prompt and on time. Always reliable!

    AJ Jrea | Brisbane

  • Being a company that values recyclability, finding reuse or recycling options for pallets in Victoria is very difficult and TP has fit the need for us perfectly. Looking forward to continuing the relationship into the future.

    Sam Weeks | Melbourne

  • I had been trying to find a reliable service, your company was the only one that would eventually help me. Elvin provided very prompt responses to my all questions in relation to how the collection would work for both parties.

    Glenda Prewett | Melbourne

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