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Euro Pallet

Euro Pallet

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*Capacity is approximate for evenly distributed weight

Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 144mm

Weight Capacity of these Heavy Duty Euro Pallets

  • 1.5 Tonnes

Evenly distributed static weight. Weight ratings are approximate due to their second-hand nature.

Product Description

Presenting our Euro Pallets for businesses that use the EPAL size. They are 1200x800mm, just right for many jobs and suitable for Export purposes. Whether you need something light or strong, these pallets work great. They're tough and last a long time for storing and moving stuff. If you have questions or want more info, just ask us!

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Euro Pallet

Euro Pallets

Euro Pallets are designed to meet the specific needs of businesses familiar with the EPAL pallets standard. With dimensions set at the recognised euro pallet measurement of 1200x800mm, these pallets are both functional and versatile. Whether you're looking for a lightweight solution or a heavy-duty option, our Euro Pallets cater to a diverse range of applications. Made to the highest standards, they ensure reliability and durability for all your warehousing and transportation needs.


What is the standard euro pallet measurement?

Our standard euro pallet measurement is 1200x800mm. This dimension is widely recognised and used across Europe and many other parts of the world.

How do EPAL pallets relate to euro pallets?

EPAL pallets are a specific type of euro pallet. EPAL stands for the European Pallet Association, which ensures the quality and standardisation of these pallets. If a euro pallet is branded with the EPAL logo, it means it meets the stringent quality criteria set by the association.

Can I use a euro pallet for heavy-duty applications?

Euro pallets are known for their durability and strength. However, like all pallets, they have weight limits. It's essential to check the specific weight capacity of the euro pallet you're using to ensure it's suitable for your heavy-duty application.

  • Elvin has been very helpful and accommodating to last minute changes and requests. Pallet collections have always been prompt and on time. Always reliable!

    AJ Jrea | Brisbane

  • Being a company that values recyclability, finding reuse or recycling options for pallets in Victoria is very difficult and TP has fit the need for us perfectly. Looking forward to continuing the relationship into the future.

    Sam Weeks | Melbourne

  • I had been trying to find a reliable service, your company was the only one that would eventually help me. Elvin provided very prompt responses to my all questions in relation to how the collection would work for both parties.

    Glenda Prewett | Melbourne

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